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the depth of colour

I have only my perception
of life,
of truth.
But how is my deception
perceptable to you?
If, although, i try
explain what comes
or passes by,
do you see the same as I
or, am I,
what merely might?

6 Feb 07

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Interesting, existentialist poem. Not sure how the title fits in ...
 — JustineCH

its about the idea of, whether what i see is what you see. Seeing that colour is essentially non existent; just a refraction of light, how do we now that when we look at the sky,what we see is the same. That the only real perception we have is our own, we can get the idea of how others see the world but as we all know some things defy words and are unexplainable therefore how can we truly appreciate the world through someone elses eyes. hope that makes it a little clearer...or not.
 — SolCarloman

Yes, thank you SolCarloman, it does! When I was 5, I used to think that people with blue eyes saw the world in shades of blue, and those with brown eyes in hues of brown. I suppose that is the idea, sort of?
 — JustineCH

i think lin 10 is cool, but its also kind of jummbled. maybe you could rephrase that? i really like it tho!
 — popyelle

does that help any?
 — SolCarloman

yeah justine, kinda. Its like wondering if the reflection you see in the mirror, or at a photo (which tend to change often(growth aside) is actually what you look like or does your memory create a model of what you think you look like and that is what you perceive. I think the idea of it is very interesting
 — SolCarloman