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shopping for flirtations

on pink sweater days,
when facing oncoming
attractive company,
she would often
cock her head
to well-attired mannequins
to savor the reflections
of suitors' chasing

5 Feb 07

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Oh, winsome and cute!
 — Isabelle5

how did you know that i always do that, beyonce?
 — unknown

why doesnt this chick just buy a mirror, and love herself?
 — unknown

because mirrors are sooo 90s.
 — unknown


morals are so 50s

 — unknown

why buy a mirror?

because we enjoy being objects sometimes. the rush of bobbing up and down in someone else's consciousness is happiness.

do u think of yourself while masturbating? and if u do please unlist your #
 — unknown

looking indirectly often heightens the sensation of savoring. Perhaps by purifying the intentions of the event.

 — unknown

not to be a grammar geek but should well attired be well-attired (hyphenated).  is L1 really necessary?  overall it was cute, but a little wordy for a cute poem.  but I could really 'see' it, so nice use of imagery in constructing a character.
 — marshponds

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