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okay Cassandra, I know your never going to read this but I still need to let my thoughts out to be free from them. I love you, I have always loved you and I didn’t know it then, but you left me and I feel like my world has been split apart, and tossed in the wind every piece going its own way. What am I to do? You won’t leave my head your memories haunt me like a ghost of pleasant presence. Why did I have to fall so fast in love with you? This is my first time, to foolishly fall into some ones heart and yet to find your heart not opened to let me in and though I’ll knock forever, still in vain. These are my thoughts constantly everyday as to how to get you back, how to win your heart, how to live with the fact that you’ll never be mine. The sun will rise, the noon will shine and you’re my prize, the lost meaning of mine rhyme. Please never change your mind (and return to me)…….. I must live with this sad hearts fairy tale, my true first love broken frail. But moving on from you is impossible to me, yet I say to my legs to move, and they move, my arms move my body moves as I please, but my heart is disobedient and will not move with me, it hold to you for dear life. It holds to you as a necessity to live. Oh (my) Cassandra not to trouble your heart, but I’m left to rot in this world. Without you, I’m not me.

3 Feb 07

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is this a poem?
split it into stanzas
it sure sounds like it comes from the heart though, which makes it meaningful, yet not very creative without a format. i like the last sentence the best.
 — x2jocelyn2x

Yeah it's not much of a poem I just wanted to post it anyways......
 — vida

 — unknown

Not much of a poem buddy... I'll give you a good advice man- Start dating more women and honestly man...Get a life. You'll feel better afterwards and once you get your balls back, Maybe this Cassandra chick will get around.
 — CheBourdain7

Thanks CheBourdain7 you speak from experience that’s for sure. I'll try to do that and who knows maybe she just might come back. I'm glad you found your balls to comment on me losing mine. Well I'll take your advice
 — vida

Vida, I think what makes this poem beautiful is that it is from your heart and comes to life when it is read with conviction and passion. I believe that not only is it original in lacking a 'format', but it is creative in that it is your creation! You are alive in this and THAT is poetry in itself! Love needs no stanzas, nor format!! Cassandra needs no stanzas, nor format.
 — unknown

Thank you, wow.... I'm glad you said that. This "letter" or poem is more to me than what most people will ever see and understand. Thats the truth of all my poems, they may suck or whatever but they are mine I wrote them to please me, to let my thoughts out. Even if others disagree they are all still poems truly from me like a reflection of me.  
 — vida

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