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i have observed pink monks eating blue raisins.
And I have observed blue monks eating pink raisins.
Studiously have I observed.
Now this is the way a pink monk eats a blue raisin:
Pink is he and it is blue and the pink
swallows the blue.  I swear this is true.
And the way a blue monk eats a pink raisin is this:
Blue is he and it is pink and the blue
swallows the pink.  And this is also truth.
Indeed I have observed and myself have partaken
of blue and pink raisins.  But my joy was different:
My joy was to see the blue and the pink counterpointing.

1 Feb 07

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i'd work "eating", cause that's the poetry move: "studiously i have chewed on this thought" :)

this is so mentality working for sensation, that it gets turned into glossy ad for hair gel.
 — mikebauer

i know what this is about.
 — unknown

brilliant poem!  this is about sunset, is it?
 — Timmy


if this is about sunset, observed is better than chewed.  

excellent work , wowmunti
 — amon

This sounds like an old legend someone might tell to explain things to kids. Or an old folktale rather. Is that what this came from? It may explain the sunset, and if so, it works well. For being interesting, I give you an 8. If I find out that that you got this idea from an already existing folktale, then so help me God, I [email protected]!#$^ ^%$#$&^ # @# !~ And you won't like it one bit. 8/10
 — Henry

Its amazing what gives people pleasure in life.

Larry miserable bastard |Lark
 — larrylark

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What?  :D I liked it even though it made no sense to me.  I think I'm just attracted to color....
 — Infrangible

Mikebauer is an asshole.
 — unknown

 — unknown

love the colors
 — unknown

 — unknown

nice poem.
 — varun

I love this. Would like some confirmation from the author about the real connotations of line 12. But it doesn't matter to the enjoyment of the poem. In fact it would be really cool just up to line 9 if the rest was cut.
 — unknown

This was written by somebody else!--Jose Garcia Villa. Do you get pleasure out of plagarising?
 — unknown

I learned this in school way back in high school in the late 1960s.  This is a poem authored by Jose Garcia Villa about sunset and sunrise.  Jose Garcia Villa also uses Doveglion as his pen name.
 — unknown

isn't this the poem by jose garcia villar?
 — unknown

pukeng malaki..
 — unknown

how ix this allowed on the site???? this is not your work
 — unknown

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