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Dinner for One

Say the words,
and I’ll sit on your face.
No frilly knickers,
no gauze, no lace.
And feel your tongue
on my pink petalled lips.
As you drink from me,
in gulps, in sips.
I am soft as a pillow,
you, hard as steel.
Forget about dinner,
for I am your meal!
Dessert is a cherry
taken from my breast.
Please, help yourself.
Please, be my guest.

29 Jan 07

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Desert or Dessert in L13?  I think you mean the latter.  Very nice, very sexy.
 — starr

Dessert, not desert.  I'm concerned about the cherry being on your breast as we all know...blush.  

I'd not put a period after please in lines 15 and 17.  It stops the raw action, which is not the point of this.

Rather blatant.  What are the words?  I would bet every man (and some of the girls!) want to know.
 — Isabelle5

Thank you, starr and Isa, for yr comments and suggestions. It was written hastily, hence the spelling mistake in 'dessert'. As for 'the words' Isa, they are a woman's secret weapon ... I'm sure you know them ... ;-))
 — JustineCH

Sexy poem.  I liked 'petalled', and 'cherry'.  L7. L8 were also charged.
 — marshponds

I know the words and the parts, I just don't associate cherries with breasts!
 — Isabelle5

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