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Sore Arm

As I'm waiting for my
cervical cancer shot
a cute little girl
runs by
and jumps into
her daddy's lap
And I think
one day
she will be here
getting this shot
because some
untrustworthy motherfucker
whom she can't seem
to stop loving
refuses to
wrap it up

28 Jan 07

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wrap it up?
 — ducktape

Sweeeet..  Another great poem.  Good stuff.
 — CervusWright

You don't need lines 1-2:

As I'm waiting for my cervical canter shot
a little girl runs by...

S2, too many words:
L8- I think one day
she will be here
getting this shot...

I almost like this but don't. I thought about why for a while. Your writing is interesting, but you hint at your anger without sharing. I feel like you haven't written the real poem, which is about the subject of L13. I also don't like poems that tell "how its gonna be" for everyone. Her life isn't yours.

On the other hand this is fairly artful, so props for that.
 — rocket

I just saw from your description that you're 15 - if that's true than this is a great effort for your age. It reads like it was written by someone much older.
 — rocket

I made the changes rocket. But it's missing something still. I don't exactly know what though. It just seems too short.

And of course I'm not 15. I'm 16 now!! :p
 — iamswanson

um.. wrap it up.. like a condom
 — unknown

any more comments?
 — iamswanson

First, I must say that I lol'd.
The line breaks make it a little bit choppy, maybe rearrange them so that there are a few more words to each one and it flows smoother. For some reason, the end of the first stanza seems to be a little awkward. Maybe it's the endearing term, which clashes with L12. I must say that while the paradox is humorous, the endearment of "daddy" is in the wrong place, so it seems ironic in the wrong direction.
 — FangzOfFire

ok, good double entendre at the end, but too many line breaks.
 — aerol