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so my mother's a drug addict

it started with prescription vicodin
after she broke her back in a car accident
then for whatever reason
as if its a science
she wanted more
started stealing it from the emergency room
where she was nurse manager
they let her resign
but the next hospital pressed charges
then she went the multiple doctor route
but they caught on
so my aunt calls me on the phone the other day
some guy mom went to school with
a known dealer
and people have seen mom's car there
so its come to that
and here i am
driving over there to speak with him
baseball bat on my passenger seat
knowing full well she'll find another way
if she wants to
the futility in everything we do.

27 Jan 07

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If your mothers a drug addict. Help her and comfort her. You should throw in some punctuation to even out the emotion in the poem. This poem is like a story, but written like a poem. Just add in punctuation where you think the poem could get out of control. Right now the reader is reading and reading and the emotion never stops. This is a great poem though.
 — shortee

Hello Justin.  You are above rules.  The poem is a prose poem, primarily.
I do hear and like the back/ac-cident assonance.  Line breaks here are thought-breaks;
cadences; and they are faultless.   The finish is sublime.  It's just perfect.  This is your life.  And it never lies.   Therefore, it is not futile.  You're on truth-path.  I'm so pleased for you sir.
 — netskyIam

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[Comment removed by moderator.]

Sorry, Justin.  Trolls trail for those they cannot touch, me and you.
 — netskyIam

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aha netskyIam, there's the rub. is it really this person's life,
or is it simply literature?
good writing, either way.
 — unknown

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