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The beatings on replay

not as good as you hoped to be,
the girl who you took advantage of,
the girl who was me
pushing away all your little pains,
and beating me brutally,
making me go insane
everyday I see your face
over and over in my head,
I try to push the thought away,
but the more I try
the more it stays
the beatings on replay,
not going away
the beatings on replay,
and it's here to stay
the beatings on replay,
I try to push the thoughts away
but they don't go away
they're determined to stay
the beatings on replay,
I see it everyday,
but daddy I have to ask you,
to please just go away
the beatings on replay,
do you understand now,
or do you also see the pictures,
locked in your head somehow
the beatings on replay,
rewinding once more,
you hit me again
and I fall to the floor
adding to the film
of my life of pain
I then realize,
to you
this beatings a game
the beatings on replay,
not going away,
the beatings on replay,
determined to stay

26 Jan 07

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im sorry about whoever you're writing about
 — unknown

This poem shows deep thoughts and shows are much you enjoy writing. I can see by the way you write that you really go through alot.
 — unknown

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