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To all you ladies who like to be 'in control' ...

Sit ! Lie down ! No.
Kneel before my eyes.
I will not listen
to your pleads, to your cries.
You are my slave,
and I, your master.
Now do as you’re told!
Quickly, faster!
You will obey
every word I say.
And, if you speak,
start with: “Mistress, if I may?”
Or my whip will crack
on your naked flesh.
Oh, you like my stockings?
These fishnets? This mesh?
And my boots, heeled high
all the way up to my thigh?
And my breasts squeezed together
have you on a tight tether.
Now, lick my boots,
and suck my toes,
until my juice
over the latex flows.
And put inside me
your fingers and thumb,
and hear me squeal,
until I shiver and come ...

26 Jan 07

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love it.
 — unknown

great poem
 — marieF

I wish marieF was my dominatrix.
 — unknown

Thanks, unknown and marieF! And, thank you, Unbelievable, for the favourite! I have to admit, this poem was inspired by yr "Royalty". I was the "Oh dear"-unknown. I thought I would be 'imperative, direct, and forceful' myself :-). I hope it worked ...
 — JustineCH

whoppa!  this is good. welcome back Justine.. where had u been?
 — trochee

Thanks trochs! Oh, I was hibernating for a while. U miss me :-)?
 — JustineCH

yes .. i also emailed u .. u didnt seem bothered to reply. :- (
 — trochee

My apologies! I didn't see yr message until today, and responded subito. Hey, like yr new picture!
 — JustineCH

Thx. i like ur new poem.
 — trochee

ewww...this is kinky! yuck! it reminds me of me in bed with johnny...what we did was way freakier...it involved a bottle of honey and an 8 foot broomstick and sometimes a goose or two. I might write a poem about it someday.
 — Trudy

From a Doms perspective, quite accurate.  Sadly though, not exactly a poem to me.  Commands seperated with random "enters" does not a poem make.
 — WordsAndMe

saucy! very fast paced, i can just race through this poem.
 — charlie40

saucy! very fast paced.
 — charlie40

Thank you, charlie40! Race on :-)
 — JustineCH

Awsome...I thought it was wonderful. Couldnt have been better.
 — BondageLover

You would love it BondageLover. Sick-o!
 — Ajambo

F**k U Ajambo. Just cause you dnt have great sex like that dnt take it out on the rest of us pervs.
 — BondageLover

BondageLover, you wouldn't know great sex if it poked you in the ear.  You're a fucking baby, for Christ's sake..  Great sex, my ass.  You're not fooling anyone.  Still, fantasy and masturbation is something to be proud of.  Keep up the fast rubbing!
 — unknown

there's no poetry in this piece
 — Mongrol