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Whipped Cream

I have watched the changing of the guard for repeated days now
And they still ask me if I want whipped cream.
Nothing is the flavor of the month any longer.
No longer are they employees of a higher service in my eyes
But rather providers of benevolent goods known only as
I am a Starbucks junkie.
They no longer blurt out “Have a nice day”
But rather tell me that tomorrow they will see me again.
The friendly smiles given to customers is no longer mine
For I am no longer just a customer,
But a regular.
I am like Sam,
Commenting on people’s selections
And organizing sugar packets and bulletin fliers on my way out.
I am a Starbucks junkie.
Light whipped cream and extra caramel.

26 Jan 07

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this poem is lovely.
 — unknown

interesting, something you could relate to, and quite original.
 — lanezfairy

I love Starbuck's idea of interior design/seating comfort/lighting/service.  I just hate their coffee.  It always tastes burnt to me.  Their pastries are incredible and I like also what they do for some of the world's causes.  I like your poem.  I can relate.  
 — starr

this is sweet...being a regular does have its fun sides! I like the way you weaverd "I am a Starbucks junkie" into the whole thing nicely
 — sparrow