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Mmmm...You're so hard.

No one likes puzzles they can't solve.
all your pieces, they threw,
Scattered across the ocean
Sunk to the bottom
years ago
No one likes puzzles they can't solve.
Well, I could do anything.
I'd dive right in.
I could complete you
but I don't know how to swim.
I guess I can learn.
Well, I could do anything.
Maybe you could teach me
If you weren't shattered,
swallowed by the ocean
Do you even care?
I wish I didn't.
Maybe you could teach me.
No one else can
That's why you lie where you do
I hope you've realized by now
I'm not anyone else.
Let me put you together
No one else can.

25 Jan 07

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It took me a while to see this poem's structure. I like the way you've woven your thoughts and repeated the lines. It adds a musical touch to a more colloquial poem. I especially like lines 16-17 where you create a connection between the you and the I.
What I'd recommend to change is the "I can do anything"
first of all, the next line is in conditional so an "I could / would do anything" would fit better in terms of grammar but also, in my opinion, in content.
nice work!
 — sparrow

I think you're right. Thanks :]
 — homeless

JW would say, "dumb stuff."
 — unknown

 — unknown

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