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I Jump Without Parachutes

(my parachute wouldn't open)
Above the world,
wind rustling and embracing the clouds,
standing and falling,
a bomb, a trap, an attack
on my heart was ensuing,
trying to steal back the reason
it ever pumped in the first place.
The ground faded,
there were flames,
crashing and burning,
it was Hell,
I blinked and it was Heaven,
it was everything I had once known.
There were no brakes,
trickled tears evaporated before ever leaving home,
they never fell, I did
and at that moment my heart exploded,
the attack was over, the air stopped swirling.
Just dust now, flourishing from the ground
as I buried myself in it.
I breathed and it was done.

24 Jan 07

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I really liked something about this. I really couldn't specifically point it out, but its good.
 — horsetheband