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Lawn Darts

In the tall grass
Stairing up at the sun
Softly reclined within the few clouds
With a blue flannel sheet
Visions of life flow
Through the slight rose tint
The sun has burned on my iris
The warmth
The beauty
I begin to spin again
A dervish
Clutching my being in my right palm
My momentum builds
I sight my taget
On my final aproach
The final rotation
I release
So high it rises
Directly into the light
I keep spinning
Expecting it to land home
Thats when I hear the tink
Telling me It landed in the street
I could never understand how it could fly so wide
I stared in confusion
As the rose becomes green
And falls back to the grass
That I find was always brown

24 Jan 07

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I love it it states so perfectly how when your goal is one objective that is all you care about and when you fail in the pursuit of that goal all the joy you felt is blanketed by truth I think the poem deserves a 7 but I personally think it's a 10 so 9 it is
 — turtlepoet