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Dance around me
Spinning round and round
Moving so rhythmically
To a phantom sound  
Chanting, laughing all around
A sacrificial lamb
Knifes at the ready you turn once more
Dancing around me you begin to bore
This little game so frightening
This little game is ending
The river is forming
Flowing between your toes
This river made of your foes
Once again you dance
Though this time it is away with out a glance

Woot another poem to post maybe this one will get better reviews than the last I put up

24 Jan 07

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5 stars...
 — chuckles

I like it and have a title idea for you "battle at the merry-go-round" or
"if the second amendment involved high school"
 — turtlepoet

Will its not really about that...its almost litteral, like a friend stabbing you in the back or something.
 — Hidden_words