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Stone Soup

Sympathy is easy
to acquire.  A taste
less complex than truth
or even skilled deception.
How women love
a sad, sad soul.
You flatter yourself
in the dark.  You’ve lost
the skill it takes
to stir me
and now this
soup burns from the bottom up.

I've read this story to my son nearly every night for weeks.  One can't help but notice how simple plots apply to complicated lives. -till

24 Jan 07

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Hmm, that's not how I ever thought of the story of Stone Soup.  Is there a new adult version?  Yes, simple plots, complicated lives.  It all begins with one step wrong.  
 — Isabelle5

nifty words- neato
life is actually
quite simple, in my estimation.
if people would relax for 3 minutes
in a while, they might see it.
 — chuckles

Thanks for your ?sincere? comments and for taking the time to make them, chuckles.
 — tillmorgan

i liked your
 — chuckles

Guess I'm e-dense.  Thanks for clarifying.
 — tillmorgan