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I cry because of you

I wan’t to cry because of you, and what you did
I wan’t to cry cus what you said,
But I can’t because if I cry you'll melt and there will be nothing there beside a puddle of hate to cry for

24 Jan 07

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I won't to cry?  Do you mean I want to cry or I won't cry?  Change cus to because in the title, respect your language!

You'll melt, not yell melt.  Change beside to expect in line 3.

How old are you and what is your native language?  I'm sensing it isn't English.
 — Isabelle5

Brilliant comment isabella .
 — unknown

Title is much better now.  Now all you need to change is won't to want and this is getting better and better.  (wink)
 — Isabelle5

isabelle - this poet is a complete joke - trying to put something over on us.

its probably bologna
 — unknown

this is stupid
 — CrimsonStorm