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Modern Haiku

A 7:9:7.

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23 Jan 07

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Its honest at least... but its also not inspiring or meaningful. Its as bland and straight-forward as the ultra-modern language you are employing. I'll give it a 7 for simple creativity. And I'm going to assume that you're either trying to point out art in an otherwise boring sentence, or you're pointing out the blandness of computer language.
 — horsetheband

I think the quote is "if a man cannot say in 17 syllables, he knows not what he means".
 — SolCarloman

Not boring - bloody annoying if you have to work with any of this technology.

Made me smile - my usual 'modern haiku' is some piece of software offers to debug what it considers obviously shoddy code. Cheeky binary git!
 — unknown

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