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where I've been

I’ve been living
while Gloria
in the ICU
I took the day off work
to tell my uncle it’s ok
they fed her air with tubes
we went to the Improv
to see Margaret Cho
where I ran into
“Hey, did you go to my school? What’s your name?”
Jeff said yes
years ago
I was telling him no
in a hot tub in Aspen
at his formal
Friday night the ladies and I played with Strawberry Quick
it’s funny how girls can get
Thatcher asked If I was gay
I told her I go both ways
that’s my problem
I can’t commit
Saturday Sophia was in a movie
we went to see it at the Chinese Theatre
and watched
as she pulled her tight jean skirt
Down the street Bev was throwing a party
for her birthday
or album
or something
I couldn’t hear what people were saying
so I just smiled
and swayed
and nodded
as I sipped my Tequila mildly
the line for the bathroom was long
I asked a girl if she was waiting
her name was Hillary Duff
you see, the Stars in Hollywood
are painted red
etched in gold
and filled with concrete mold
my father used to listen to The Stones
and I roll the way
he wished he could have been
I tumble for him

23 Jan 07

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