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it's been a while since ive posted

Bukowski vs. Shakespear
Tonight on Pay Per View
Channel 33
Don't miss it.

23 Jan 07

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Where's the rest?  I want more!  
 — Isabelle5

I'm with Isabelle5 (just Isabelle?) on this.  It felt incomplete, like it was about to make a point then it stopped.
 — eyesParadox

Just Isabelle...grin.
 — Isabelle5

dont worry ill have more soon, i just need some inspiration, ive had a very long writers block...
 — infinity

Please don't mention Bukowski and Shakespeare in the same breath
The latter was a genius the former was a con-writer
 — unknown

oh mention it however you want.  that's one of the things that makes it poetry, lol.

yes, i can't wait for your writer's block to be overcome.  i mean, well.....okay?
good intro, lol.  and it has been a long time, and i've missed you.  what's up, stranger?
 — ducktape

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