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Taking time

Thin, White candles
Flicker around the room.
A family sits in prayer
to the Gods of entertainment,
who’s orbit lasts only 15 years
and are never mourned.

23 Jan 07

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i.....don't understand this poem.  :(  i'm sorry.  i like the first 2 lines, however.  it sounds so cool.  would you mind explaining what this is about maybe?  or give me a hint?  or anything?
 — ducktape

think about what the first two lines suggest to you and how they may be related to L3 and for that matter, the rest of tghe poem. I'm not going to explain each line to you or in fact the entire piece. Purely because, I dont want to. I would rather leave it up to interpretation for the moment. If I find that you are not alone in your confusion then I may change my mind but as for now, consider this: L3 inre: to opening statement, followed by "what could the Gods of entertainment" be? and what kind of scene had I set up before this point...I'm beginning to do it anyway. If I explain it then I feel that part of the reading of it is lost.
 — SolCarloman

 — unknown

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