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a line

It took a line to get me here and out of that sinking bed. Just one line to make it through the day. Just one line so I can live and once again try to forget. It only takes one line to get you in the shower, put the soap between your legs, the brush between your teeth and maybe through your hair. Find a pair of clean underwear to hide under the pants that don’t quite fit the same anymore. One line to pull the shirt over your head, socks on your feet and boots on the floor to help you walk through that door. The door that sits at the bottom of the dirty steps that he went down to see you at 2am. It was simple to pretend you were happy he was there, even easier to ask him not to go. Yet, all you wanted was the possibility of love to dangle and then tear apart the suit that you claimed to wear so well.

23 Jan 07

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