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in your dank computer hole
you camouflage yourself
behind pixels and passwords,
insipidly lurking
the tettish tettotian collaboratorium.
delight on your face
as you scan the serial numbers
which identify each user,
the numbers more important
than the names.
i am tattooed
like an auschwitz prisoner
like a piece of meat
in a grocery store.
you track me
like a wild animal
like a monster
in a b-movie horror flick,
waiting for me to slip
on a wet stone
hit my head;
so you can drag me
to your lair
and do unspeakable horrors.
since that night
you tore up the universal declaration
of human rights
between your teeth,
and began to treat me
as no more than words on a page
sir thomas more wept,
and the king henry the eighth
drowned in tears.
but dear authoritarian,
disiplinarian, ignotarian,
let this be a lesson to you:
i will never die.
i'll live forever
if for no other reason
than to see this through.
if you wish
you can suspend my words
in virtual reality
rip the keyboard
the pen
from my fingertips
and the lips off my face
but i will always be there


you call yourself
i call you

22 Jan 07

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hey good poem...would work really well as a thread too
 — jeremybeadle

teh iNTeRneT iS SEriOus BuisNESs!!11!!!!!!
 — bologna