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safety i numbers

is there really saftey in numbers like telephone numbers?
or adress numbers?
or IQ's?
    or whole numbers like 3, 5, 7, or 10
which is the safest?
and what about the numbers 1it stands alone.
anlone lone lonnye- all disisibley by one so do you know my number its easy to recall
its easy to remember

22 Jan 07

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you have got to be kidding me.
 — rosemary

The two poems you've posted, as well as your "about me" section, are filled with grammatical and spelling errors. That is why you are receiving some pretty harsh feedback. For instance, isn't the title of this poem supposed to be "Safety In Numbers" instead of "Safety I Numbers?" You need to proofread your material before submitting. Just trying to help.
 — Andiam

Try again.
 — unknown

Is there really safety in numbers
or telephones, my IQ is not my address
and i live alone
One is just another statistic
you can do the sums
but you'll never have my number
 — unknown

For the love of God, delete this crap.
 — WordsAndMe

Don't you mean safety IN numbers?

This isn't exactly a poem, is it?  
 — Isabelle5

Obviously a gimmick, in which all of the above and likely those to follow this comment will fall for.
 — unknown

Try spelling and grammar, it often helps.
Most people read through their works before they post them! This was a waste of time for you to write and me to read.
 — ProzacNation

Guys, obviously this poem, the other and the profile is a joke.
Soak up your free time! Watch TV!

lacking some luster r r
 — unknown

those hearts are sooooo cute.

 — bologna


those hearts are sooooo emo.
see? they come pre-broken when you typed them.
 — Virgil