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I hate myself
So I do COKE
It makes my mind feel good
I forget I love you
COKE Clears my mind
Feelings  hidden
Dark lonely place
Why did I think of you
COKE OUT on a line
Makes me drive in a straight line
UP my nose or Should I have a cold one
Could I die
Maybe it’s time
To be COKE out of my mind
Can you tell it in my eyes
That White makes them shine
Or flip back where I ca n see the devil alive
I’ve been sober
But my demons still ponder inside
Could I be COKE out for a long time

21 Jan 07

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Lines like this ("I hate myself so I do coke") make this too-straight forward to sound like a poem. I've read alot of poetry from ex-drug-addicts that's really well written, but this sounds almost like a statement given at an NA-meeting. Just my opinion.

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