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I keep you all in a box.

Glass roses that you brought back to me
from your carnival day adventures
Poems left in lockers, tenderly translated
A card or two from inexact anniversaries
the contents already smoked
long walks and chinese food
why can't I put you away?
for no reason except that you loved me.
things I never appreciated.
You wrote me poems
and left them in my locker.
This I will never understand.

20 Jan 07

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sappy teenager
how dare he
 — unknown

Gone With the WInd

I keep them all in a box and never say bye,
I don't understand how young love can die.
Before and after and in between too,
was it love felt by me or only felt by you?
You convinced me to love you and as soon as I
found myself unable to live without you
it was Scarlet O'Hara all over again.
 — Cloudless

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