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The Gothtard's t o o-late Lament

My lifetime as a loser
was mostly kindly acts;
I never pulled the wings off flies
or littered chairs with tacks.
I thought I was a player
with The Golden Rule;
I never did suspect I was
engorging satan's tool.
Then I died and vanished
from the human race.
I never did expect to like
satan's penis with my face.

20 Jan 07

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this is monumentally stupid
 — unknown

I like it. Here is a 9
 — Jillian

Hi number one.  So you are a Goth?

Hi number two.  So! You like to laugh.  Thanks.  I've adjusted the title for humor (gothtard instead of goth), put "loser" on L1 in place of "gothtard", and put "satan" on the   last line in place of "the devil", for slightly better (still imperfect) metering.

Thanks for number one and thanks to Jillian: a perfect ten herself.
 — netskyIam

made me laugh. for a minute I was put off by the rhyme but when I finished it felt perfect.
 — theair

good poem
 — chuckles

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