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to all unknowns

unknown's opinion
is worth far less than nothing
so shut the fuck up

20 Jan 07

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unknown opinions
are worth far less
than nothing
so shut the fuck up.
 — varun

someone's a little sensitive
 — unknown

to alibi, is that your real name? ah, SHUT the fuck up. Unless of course you are a famous published author then also SHUT the fuck up, cause you're flake posting under an alias
 — unknown

a lie by any other name would smell
 — unknown

Lets hear it for the unknowns.... deafening silence

Larry my name is my bond Lark
 — larrylark

and the birdies in the trees
go tweet tweet tweet ...
 — unknown

Shut the fuck up, ASSHOLE.
 — unknown

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an unknowns' picnic, i think. i like their little costumes.
 — mikebauer

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