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A lovers contemplations

While holding hands, with fingers dancing,
Hold to feel and hold till dusk.
Our eyes connected for moments long (I love those moments long)
No words, no confusion; but smiles like the day.
Our grief that love had made before, before us now is laid,
But strewn to die for now such love is slain,
Our kiss has killed the past; the past has killed itself
And our affections true have proven righteous, lovely.
Yes, trust, my heart un-kept,
Trust in you for trust in me, although I feel so wholly
That one is more than hot enough for me.
Trust in you, my heart un-kept, that yours is true as mine,
That you will still tomorrow be as loving then as now.
I say this now as said before, you perfect beauty blossom,
My heart has far and long to scour
For a one who must be you,
For your eyes, your lips, your skin and hips,
Your perfect heart as all to mine,
And as perfect as you seem to me,
I know but one thing true:
As love is found in eyes that smile
With desire blackish deep and feeling untold time
And the secrets of our troubled souls
Shall spill like reddish wine into your lips to pass away.
We will fall and fall we will
To the ever changing rivers run,
Where death is but the way to live,
And our souls, our eyes, our fingers twine.  
So yes my dear, my precious one
We two are love as lovers are,
And so we must be so surprised,
When love has sprung from lovers’ eyes.

19 Jan 07

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