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All that I Own

What can I say?
Of old aquaintances
Old loves
Trysts and affairs
Smiles and tears
I find there is not much left to say
And chose to say nothing
Only to revel in reflection
As well as to die within
Those frozen moments
Existing before the world could corrupt
The innocent smiles
The knowing stares
That share more
Than simple pleasures
Those glowing beacons in memory
Falling far out of the reach of time
And percieved boundaries
I live for
Though I spend most of my life between
Those moments
Beyond value
Within my perception anyway

Cliche, no?

17 Jan 07

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line 11, corrupt

I like thi poem.
 — vida

this poem
 — vida

L4 Correct spelling is "tryst"
 — SarahMichele

Thanks for the spelling tips.  I very rarely consult a dictionary while writing.
 — smileforme