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My Grandma Bee

I held her softly in my arms
Wrinkeled skin and toothless,
her eyes sparkeled blue,
She recognized me
With a weak smile
As I fed her pasta
my heart leaped to help her
In a diaper,
She knew the secrets of life,
she touched my face,
with her rough old hands,
and said "Brittany"
in her final breath.
her scent overwhelmed me
my tears fell in her
gray hair.
I hope she knew
That I loved her.

17 Jan 07

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Cut the extra noise and focus on the subject:

I held her softly in my arms
Ninety-four years,
wrinked and toothless.

Her eyes sparkled blue.
She recognized me
with a weak smile,
as I fed her pasta.

and so on
 — unknown