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soup and a spoon

I had been tryin'
to put this poem
ever since my brother
but it just
so, I read a couple
of books, Poe, Eigner,
Bukowski, no inspiration.
the sun slant across
snow top homes in
my police infested
people walked back
and forth intent on destinations
I drank and
sweated in my
cold little apartment
trying to find my way
"Well,"I said to myself, "that's
enough of that."
I put my brown suit
in a garment bag
polished my shoes,
socks, shaver, comb
train ticket, cell phone
I had everything
except for what I needed

16 Jan 07

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L4 - *ever
 — heat-her

awesome. i really like the simplicity of this poem, yet how it at the same time displays such a vivid and specific emotion. so honest, interesting, and undoubtedly clever. rock on.
 — lanezfairy

Since you mentioned Poe in this poem, I give you a 10/10! Wonderful line. The middle part of line 10 was the best.
 — Henry

Simply stylish well thought out. Keep reading those books

 — larrylark

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