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My Soul Is On Fire

I heard a man on the radio
his words were like fire
set to a liquid beat.
His dragon voice
filled my ears and conquered me
I was left scorched,
charred and empty
yet strangely full.
I felt complete
I wanted to meet him
I wanted to know him
but what I really wanted
was to be him
trying to spread his flaming words
was more important.
I would spread them
until the world was on fire.

15 Jan 07

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well then, fly it back in and do some editing.
don't need to justify anything by adding a footnote.

the repeat of the word fire within the first two lines isn't working. your soul is on fire and his words were like fire.... mmm...
line 14 is inconsequential. and line 15 isn't doing anything at all.
line 18, i'm guessing you were going for 'world' instead of 'word'?

not in a great mood, so excuse the curtness.
more importantly, i don't get the message of this piece at all.
 — varun

Thank you very much for the comment! I've excused the curtness, and I love the first part of the comment. You're absolutely right about everything and word was actually supposed to be world. I just wrote it about an artist I like, K-os. Many people have negative opinions about him, but I don't care and I've probably heard them all.
thanks again
 — dreamergirl

Still not sure about 14 and 15
 — dreamergirl