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His Genetic Path

They told me there is cancer growing
deep in my father; they say it grows too
slowly to be of much concern.
He says the Parkinson’s will kill him
long before the cancer spreads
and when he laughs, I can’t respond
because this is my father;
he carried newly-cut trees
on one shoulder with me on the other,
summer days filled with the hum of bees,
watching his axe fly up and down,
sitting on his lap while he read to us and his
off-key voice singing us to sleep.
I want to beg them to take the cancer out,
to take the gene that makes him ill (his brother died,
his only brother left also has Parkinsons)
and isn’t it hereditary, Daddy?
I feel his cancer growing in my bones,
as I feel a tremor coming on – I remember
the grandmother in the window, rocking in her chair.
My brother told me she was the witch waiting
to eat me but we didn't know about the
real wolf at our door - this illness
borne along those little strands,
passed down to us so gently.

15 Jan 07

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This is amazing, I love it...
Deep and emotional.
My grandparents and father are battling cancer, that is terminal.

This is very good.

:)  You have a nice gift with words.. I hope you post more.  I'd love to read them.
 — painfulcries

You have been to a hard place and brought back something real.My mother has parkinson's but she's 83 and said what the hell I'm lucky to get this far and her4 sreely determination keeps her going.
 — larrylark

My father is also 83, Larry.  I wish them both good health as long as they can have it.  Marching down the genetic line towards us, perhaps, but I'm not scared, are you?  This is a man who only last April was told he was healthy enough to jog if he wanted.  So sudden and severe.  He is giving away his language books and beginning his good-byes.  

 — Isabelle5

good poem, the last of it seems to drift away, the last stanza doesn't fit
 — gjenkins

I agree with the comment above and would edit out L25 & 26. Good work.
 — SarahMichele

terrible last 2 lines. melodrama is the rule here.

 — unknown

Isee your point.  Thanks for the honesty.  
 — Isabelle5

good poem
 — chuckles

Thanks, Chuckles.  
 — Isabelle5

the quality was really good here, i figured it was probably from someone who had written more poems than this, isabelle, you are awesome. great poem.
 — listen

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