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Last Kiss

Once again
we are mouth
to mouth blind,
in a bleached white
bone dry
neutral kiss.
We suffocate
in an oven,
over-come by
our own fumes.

14 Jan 07

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if this poem is sort of the second of the "kiss" series, then perhaps the same sort of scattered layout would better present it?
 — inutile

oh, and i really like the both of them. the other one is happier, so i guess i like it more, but this one is really original.
 — inutile

the 'block' of words here represents the lack of feeling - the insensate end - it is not meant to flow and have rhythm like the First Kiss poem does :)

it is the end of things and is empty of emotion
 — Mongrol

makes sense. i just liked the idea of consistency.
 — inutile

it is consistant - if you think of flowing energy for the 'First Kiss' and dead emotionless energy for the 'Last Kiss'

the continuity is fine :)
 — Mongrol

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