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You aren't, so don't.

Unicorns and dragons are definite no-no’s
as subjects for poetry.
Wolves are OK but only just.
Never use soul or butterfly
and avoid love if at all possible.
And if you start a poem with the word THERE
you aren’t, so don’t.

13 Jan 07

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OK! don't wory I won't. LOL
 — unknown

 — JerryReed

evidently not Jerry.
 — unknown

maybe it is Jerry.
 — nightengale

Jerry, as in Jerry Seinfeld!?   I love him!  He and his motley crew of vagabonds have uplifted my spirits through some of the most difficult times of my life.  LIke when I was contemplating between spaghetti and pizza.  I chose pizza with spaghetti on top.  NOt much of a choice, but hey, Seinfeld was on, and I didn't realize I was making them both at the same time.  So anyways, I love Seinfeld.  I watch it 60 hours a day.  I love George and how he's bald, killed his wife, how he always has great ideas (having hand is by far one of the greatest things ever made from that show), and how he's bald.  Elaine has by far the greatest dance of all time (the predecessor of skanking?), and she has a flamboyant personality that just attracts you to the show.  And then, Kramer.  Oh Kramer, how I love thee (not the actor, the character of course [some people have a hard time differentiating between the two {not I, though!}])!  How he just goes on and on with his nutty ideas, and his ability to burst through Jerry's door.  And then there's Jerry himself!  He's so wonderful!  He's clean and not metrosexual!  I greatly dislike metrosexuals!  They steal all my women!  I mean, I already have trouble talking to girls without stuttering like a doofus, and these people don't help my cause at all.  Anywhere I go, there's a gaggle of girls surrounding this metro, and I'm all like, "Damn, I just want to talk to a girl!"  So whatever, Jerry's my hero.  He just can't get a steady girl.  Which is unfair to him, although really, he probably would be damned to hell.  Oh well, there goes another great show to primetime slots of insignificance.  *sigh* I'm so bored...  I think I'll go watch some more Seinfeld!  Hee hee hee.

Oh yeah, I completely agree with that statement about no more unicorns, dragons, and such other mythical creatures.  And love too, although I think there might have to be exceptions to that lovely rule.  (whoops, used love)  Anyways, good stuff, and Jerry Seinfeld is a pimp!

Take care and such,

P.S.  I hope to God you have a sense of humor, good sir.  We all know God has one.
 — unknown

my God Manders!!!! how much caffiene did you have today!!!!


I had two people post comments one named Jerry but one of those people rated the poem 2 - I was just commenting TO JERRY that it was evidently not funny.

This is crazy how you thought this was about Jerry Seinfeld!

I am roflmao
 — unknown