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george orwell's intro to advanced calculus

not((1^9)  +8pi4)     no
t(19/(8-    SortA(4 )
))     not(198x 4,4,4)
not(1^     9log (84))
not (1,9)              tan(8)
+4)        not(1-9,84^4)
not(Y1,98/(4))        not
(1984)      not(SIN())

calculator screen

12 Jan 07

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I love it. It rules. Uhm...yeah, that's about it. Right on.

 — A_Forsaken

Thank you muchly.
 — lacklusterrr

I do not think I understand this? definitely not a ten (especially considering it is found, and also because it is mostly numbers that seem to not connect). perhaps you could clear up confusion for me?

 — ShelbyS

Well, found as in I put it on my calculator, forgot I had it and found it. Haha. the numbers are "1984", as in !984, by George Orwell. Political brainwashing. Etcetera etcetera.

 — unknown

 — unknown

This isn't calculus-- it's precalc. Good tho.
 — Virgil

Haha, well intro to advanced calculus has a two week period of precalculus. Irrelevant, but thanks, nonetheless.
 — unknown

Fantastic. My son finished reading Animal Farm while awaiting a tooth extraction today
 — larrylark

 — unknown