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Rovers on Mars

There on the rim of Victoria Crater
A place we may visit more sooner than later
A tiny blue glint on the edge of Verde Cape
Sits Mars rover Opportunity; we’ve got the tape.
Not the first recon photo of Mars, it is true
But rare on the surface of Mars, something blue.
It got there the hard way, by vacuum of space
To bounce to a landing in this alien place
Five kilometers to travel on six little wheels
To validate mankind’s exploration ideals
To the rim of a crater so vivid and stark
Three years on a mission, no stroll in the park.
The intrepid rover sending its beams
Of bits and bytes in informative streams
Data and images all too often dramatic
Compositions, positions, and data climatic.
On the flip side of Mars is the rover Spirit
With a broken wheel that can hardly steer it
Slowly and safely traversing with care
Braving the icy cold Martian thin air.
Not quite the star that Opportunity is
Memory problems made it less than a whiz.
Amnesia eventually was solved
Spirit’s mission continues to evolve.
The skeptics would say, “What a waste.”
Of resources to give those starving a taste.
With unity, freedom, and peace to be yearned
Mankind  reaches out for what can be learned

Go to the NASA/JPL website for images.
Truly amazing!

12 Jan 07

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very nice.

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