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I’ve been a man who lived in caves,
I’ve been a hunter on the plain,
a mother, teacher, slave and queen
and all things in between.
My spirit comes to learn through pain;
the lessons hard, the gains are great,
returning home between each class
to rest, renew and reacquaint
with soul mates – friends I’ve always known -
who plan with me what lives we’ll need
to reach the next stage of our growth,
closer to our perfection.
When lessons end, where will we be?
We’ll dwell in Light, where love survives
these many nights of dark and fear
and draws us in, no more to leave.

12 Jan 07

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tre bien, mademoiselle
 — unknown

a man and a woman?

not very interesting or good
 — unknown

I liked it and respected the ability of the words to come toget-her in rhyme until I reached L12 as the ending to the third stanza. after that it is thrown off greatly, as well in L16 as the fourth stanzas end note. "no more to leave" simply is a weak way to end what wouldve been strong had it not felt forced the last two stanzas. the first two come together quite nicely however. just do some slight rewording and this would be quite complacent.

 — ShelbyS

[Comment removed by moderator.]

This is an idea of reincarnation, changing form to learn new lessons.  To the comment about my grandson, I can only hope that you don't get what you deserve for even writing comments like that.  
 — Isabelle5

Go fuck your grandson again, bitch.
— unknown

That is one of the most horrible things i have read on P/C , surely it can be traced ?
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Isabella , i hope you have a good day .
 — unknown

Pretty crude, isn't it?  Sad how some people like to act that way and think no one will know who they are.  
 — Isabelle5