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all it is is improvement

the magazine told the children
we will take you and break you
we'll rebuild you in our image
this way you will fit in and
be popular and have a fulfilling life
america told the world
we will destroy you and rebuild you
in our image and likeness
that way you can be happy
because all americans are happy
america why are you so obsessed
with conformity?
conformity of your beautiful mess
of the insane and broken
conformity of the world
i'm still waiting for an answer.

11 Jan 07

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How does your title fit your poem?  Sounds like you might need to put the magazine down and not believe all you read about America, though.  We tend to be obsessed with Non-conformity for the most part.
 — Isabelle5

 — Isabelle5

 — bear

Don't mistake the media, or the government, or the military for America.  America is many people, many things, fed to the world as a slogan by the marketing department.

Author, why are you so obsessed with generalization? Dig a little deeper. America surely contains one of the most diverse populations in the world. Ever been on the subway in New York?

You haven't been waiting long, you've only just asked the question.
 — rocket

 — chuckles