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ma, pa, auntie em

the use of father tie
is other nature
they a sharing tea
he and she
an wife skiing the sea
between ruination
cries of passion and
the healthy suit
of happy ending
on the lip
iles inch forward
arrow chills and bobs
lobbed into and aid the
war ash of creation
ages of the universe
asters of the waves
soothing hoes ripples
asking spas water
to see and be without
aligned swells
she and father steed
abled and galloped
through swaps over suits
papered by the lab
of God
pal to pal they ski
their ode and thee
father the ascot of
tieless she
this is one of
y axis

11 Jan 07

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 — Isabelle5

i see nothing here. words thrown together in a slap dash manner, full of mistakes. this has not been proof read and it reflects not only in style, but in content. no direction.
 — Esoteric

this has been proof-read
it has direction
the title is important...
 — chuckles

I rather feel bad about the comments you've received as what you'r trying to do is apparent - it just hasn't been done very well.
 — unknown

i don't feel bad at all...
i'm gonna keep tryin' it-
as they say
"practice makes perfect"
 — chuckles

"hasn't been done very well"
should be
"hasn't been done"
shouldn't it?
 — chuckles

Yes, it should be "hasn't been done".
I like this one (more than node ease).
It's still a bit of a challenge to get it all, but I think I get most of it.
Really love lines 10-15 and of course 27 to the end.
 — unknown

Can do without reading this.
 — JerryReed

Bologna fucked inutile in the ass. Pass it on.
 — unknown

No, what he has done is NOT apparent or we would be understanding this.  This is one of those times when the poet might want to explain what he was doing so the readers can see it and appreciate it.
 — Isabelle5

dear Isabelle5

i squeezed these words really hard (perhaps too hard)

this is about time and nature...
 — chuckles