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Do you hear that moan, crawling out naked in the dark?
Bloodmind thinking thick to shake you down, clog your heart
The Fat Lady softly cooing, "It's over Jonny it's over."
Her voice deflects the ones who are there to stone her
It's over
It's so over now
Why can't you come to accept your defeat?
Her slap did not wake you
You only have yourself to blame for your blues
Do you see her tears, that you got ever flowing?
Blind to her beauty as the truth sat there snoring
The birds are there cooing, "It's over brother it's over."
Your arms just were not made in this life to hold her
It's over
An' you have the how
How come you can't find your soul in the street?
The slap just won't wake you
As you just sit there an' cling to the snooze
Some day you will get over all of the moaning
Some day you will escape the feeling of owning
All your love to her, the tears on her shoulders
Get over it, the future will break down the boulders
It's over
Healing starts now
Some other lost lover for you here to meet
The slap will awaken you
For something different that you could choose

10 Jan 07

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