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of nothing and gray

Wearing two-piece suits we bought for funeral wear,
imported bottled beer and cigarettes,
put on that one Replacements album we like,
we'd let our hair down if we hadn't shaved our heads.
he reaches across the table for the ashtray,
"yeah man, lets just sit and listen,
talk about women and wonder, books and beers,
do you have a match?"
If you're too stumbly to drive,
you're welcome to my bed,
I'll pass out on the couch or floor,
just wake me up so we both get to work.
he says, "its strange dude, when we were kids,
there was never anything to do,
now we're older and we don't mind doing nothing."
I nod and search for that book of matches.

9 Jan 07

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Into the mind of men?  Sort of a quiet, desperate poem.  Line 4 is excellent!  
 — Isabelle5

I really like this. Especially line 15.
 — Bandrews