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my thoughts as i watch cops

when i see a man
of the law driving
down the street with
his sirens wailing
i think:
"catch that motherfucker
who is making america unsafe
i'm rooting for you pig!"
i hope the cops catch
everyone they are going after
because that means they
are not bothering me.

7 Jan 07

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 — unknown


A 10, just for the laugh.
 — aurelius

 — bear

heh, this is true!
 — ducktape

HAHAHAHAHAHA!  I should send this to all the cops in my family.  
 — Isabelle5

Profundity wrapped up in a simple observation.
 — larrylark

I'd reconsider 'are not' in the last line. Strikes me as a bit awkward.
 — stateofmind

I agree with the 'they are' being clumsy at the end, but it made me smile.
 — opal

splendid, witiful
 — john_daker

 — bear

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