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Put on Pantomime Clothes

Let us all dress up in pantomime clothes,
False whiskers and masks, cutlass, blade, pistols,
let men become dames in frilled furbelows,
women parade to catcalls or whistles.
Let’s live larger than life, strut on the stage,
apply gaudy make-up, put on the style
of play and of acting, turning a page
to frolic, cavort and roll in the aisles.
Let dreams become real, let night become day,
villains be vanquished by one clap of thunder,
wicked queens be outwitted, Hook cast away
his treasure retrieved, henchmen gone under.
All turns topsy turvy as winter’s wind blows
so cast off our cares, put on pantomime clothes

5 Jan 07

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A brilliant sonnet.
 — unknown

Fantastic and richly textured poem. Pure class
 — larrylark

thankyou kindly both.
 — opal

 — chuckles

from what I can see of your work chuckles, your knowledge of the sonnet is narrow and limited to say the least, but don't let that stop you from making comments - just don't expect to be taken seriously.
 — unknown

this is not a sonnet.
i have indeed had sonnets posted in the past, and am quite familiar with the form.
need i elaborate, or would u like to explain how this is a sonnet, with its far from iambic, stuttering meter, without the progression of idea and expansion of theme?
is this a sonnet simply due to 14 lines and rhyme scheme?
i may look funny
but i isn't stoopid...
 — chuckles

Perhaps i ought to intercede as it's my poem after all - chuckles i do think your knowledge of the sonnet as a form is somewhat small and restricted - the rhythm here is very blowy and movemented - the metre is blowing along with lots of twists and turns - it reads perfectly well when performed which is the proof of the pudding for me. Each section builds on the conceit - one describes the concept, two - is the changing through masque and adopting the style of the carnavalesque, the third is the ultimate aim of the pantomime - that of good vanquishing evil and the final couplet introduces the idea that the cares of winter can be overcome, but your opinions are your own and as for being stoopid, well, if the cap and bells fit - put 'em on.
 — opal

thanks for the explanation
i prefer to remain
 — chuckles

I like you better that way too.
 — opal

(sassy girl...)
 — chuckles

good one opal...
 — unknown