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my mind was blinded
my fingers amputated
my images deleted
and my pencil confiscated.
i tried to grope for words
and found
only exhausted intentions.

4 Jan 07

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writers bloq
 — unknown

do drugs that ll help
 — unknown

I wanna use the shampoo you're using.  I like it.  It's turse and it says a lot.
 — starr

Terse.  Oops.
 — starr

A bit of let-down, after reading Combating. Captures the feeling though.
 — rocket

there're better things
to grope than words...

and better things
to be exhausted...
 — chuckles

lol, its not meant to be good. it was major writer's block. chuckles, you crack me up :) i remember you, you're the google gaga man....
 — modern_nomad

i think it would be much more interesting if it read:
my mind was amputated
my fingers were blind

I don't know why, but thats what came into my head immediately after reading it. It makes no sense but still.
 — Esoteric