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met history's exit
in a black
winter coat
-unflinched by fate-
served to taunts
from shadow throats,
cursed the world


4 Jan 07

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wore a black
winter coat to
history's finale-
by fate-
stationed amidst
shadows of threats
and taunts,
cursed the world
and dropped.
 — varun

rid your self of footnote.
 — varun

thanks points taken!
 — unknown

here's yer title:


yer welcome...
 — chuckles

i was thinking

snap cackle plop
 — unknown

can't you spruce it up and make it happy?
 — unknown

Oh, my gosh, the comments made me laugh

and then shiver at my momentary lack of compassion and humanity.
 — Isabelle5

Oh good. V good. Might be good to add a prelude to it. v v sad too. I do like it.
 — unknown

isabelle has always made americans look more stupid than they appear
 — unknown

a dedication to borat in a winter's coat

 — unknown

short and effective does not take sides and shows the lack of humanity on both ends.
 — unknown

great examination of a very difficult topic... goodstuff
 — modern_nomad

happy holeeeeeeeedays
 — unknown

i wonder, was that coat a Donna? if so was it this season's or last? that woul d really change the mood of this poem.
ms. whitley if ur nasty
 — unknown


double aa
 — unknown

jody whatley witley
 — unknown

axis = one of bush's evil
axis = neck

nice twist saddam
 — unknown

i loved it.
 — unknown

lol funny
 — unknown

rip saddam
 — unknown