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I Believe in the dead poets society
yet their mortal lifes be so long gone.
I Believe in a dead man's reality
as their thoughts have in my pages come.
Constrained to speak out loud
but forced to let my thoughts out
I write, and the society listen.
They hear my words, not spoken.
Poets look beyond the plain,
they hear every word as if it were
requiered so to live.
Yet dead they are,
and so attentive to me,
a dead man's dream, hopeful of return to earth.
living life without much matter anyway the winds blow.
passion fills when we find lifes worth.
unfortunately found it at his last lights glow.
I write for the great and the greatest
for the weak and the weakest.
They will not be forgotten by me,
as I write these thoughts to be,
like a scar upon our minds, oh friend.
So we will always remember.
I believe in the society of dead poets
yet in mortal life we are so long here.
I believe that if we listen hard to nothings
we will always the poets hear.

31 Dec 06

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Why doesnt anyone comment yours? they are so good...  
 — loveart416

I agree--very good!--I like your poetry!
 — anji