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santa claus is dead

ol Santa Claus is dead
He died on christmas night
he'd just been staggering home
when he fell into a fight
his nipples had been pulled out
His fingers had been twisted
His Penis had been bitten off
And his anus, it was fisted
the police probed his butthole
and carried out some tests
but they'll never know for certain
till they've made a few arrests
But i've a funny feeling
It was just some naughty boys
cause I heard ol santa screaming
"Just take all the fff-ing toys"
And I heard some boys gut laughing
And santa begging for some aid
But my toys were safely under the tree
And my tea had just been made.

okay, so christmas is over, but i never seen hardly any christmas poems

29 Dec 06

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ol' fitzer was a probing,
one after-xmas eve...
the video boys had left
him flat, his toys still
n their sleeves...

i feel a rhyme a'coming,
i'll wend a word in verve.

and santa's been
on CNN and i'll
make him a verb:

santa you!
 — mikebauer

immediatly the tune from the farmer and the dell
 — kronah_kcmg

Nice! Loved the meaning of this poem ;)
 — DeathShards

no, this is gross. bad poem.
 — OKcomputer

So bad, so good.

Larry reindeer meat Lark
 — larrylark

AH! haha, holy shit thats awful!
 — SenorSin

hahahaha fook thats good
 — the_living_d

Stupid poem written by a faggot sonofabitch, who gets fucked in the ass by Tetto.
 — unknown

Is nothing sacred?  Even Santa gets maligned and maimed.  This is fairly disgusting, any way you slice it.  
 — Isabelle5

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