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Rain came down, and thunder landed here
Tears that once only rolled, flowed down there
Booze and sadness have finally taken hold
A cliche of love you could not break the mold
Shiver an' shriek, to a broken guitar string
A melody that is broken
A ghost of love, a murder that was not seen
Shame it rains on a drunk's lonely tears
I feel ashamed, how I prayed on her fears
Booze like Rasputin, calculating an' cold
Ashamed I was no better than demons of old
Streaming salt, the wound it does sting
A girl's soul it is broken
In a jerk asshole's broken little sling
Cry on a wounded bleeding sore cheek
I loved her like a hungry dog and his biscut treat
Booze to a boob, nipple to the cold
I came to find myself here so naked an' bold

29 Dec 06

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Excellent! In your face good.
 — Rull

I really enjoyed the first stanza.
 — TearDrop

very good. i like it a lot.
 — sabz3003

i dunno it looks okay but i guess i dont feel moved about pitty pieces
 — kronah_kcmg

i like this poem is touch me in places
 — unknown