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Oregon Lodge

She grew up in a moutain home, a fireplace that breathed dragons, spirits, with the aid of her daddy's wizard's hat
He kept her away from public school, and decided to educate her right there on his warm lap
O the log burns right in your fireplace
I'm drunk in Cave Junction baby
An' I only want your kiss
You can live in Montrose an' Tujunga
but you will always long for that mountain mist
Fireplace burns to a young girl's green eyes
The home burns with a celtic cross
O girl, how I only wish that you were mine
Her mama waited tables but hoped to be an' editor
Movies, whatever, music videos and hippie stock
Nature shows
Dawn learned to hang out on the beach, sand so much different than mountian dirt, moving through her hands so slow
O the dance at Starlight goes so slow
I'm drunk in the fish bowl searching for my girl
I only want her kiss
I could met her in her Tujunga backhouse
that might bring me to that mountain's mist
Fireplace burning for her green eyes
Her home, burning with her celtic cross
O girl, how I only wish that you were mine

21 Dec 06

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The perverted image conjured in line 2 make this impossible to read and critique.
 — DianaTrees

Did a retard write this? Quit writing vindictive drunk drivel already. It's getting to be a horrendous bore.
 — unknown